Securus Technology improves Security through the Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies that offer secure technology that is used by various correctional agencies that are based in North America. The company’s premises are located in Dallas, Texas, and it has to date been contracted by more than 3450 facilities that use its services. The products of Securus Technologies are mainly used for ensuring public safety, monitoring, investigation, and correction. The also assist in addressing various issues that deal with security, communication, and management in correctional facilities.


The company has disclosed that it recently installed its Wireless Containment Solution (WCS) in one more correctional agency. The WCS is a product that has been created to ensure security inside and outside the correctional facilities by preventing the use of mobile phones that have been smuggled into the prisons. Securus Technologies’ product works by blocking the illegal phones from accessing the general network. They also assist the staff of the correctional agency in tracing the locations of the communication gadgets by determining their electronic identity.


Richard A. Smith praised various facilities that had managed to install and use the Wireless Containment Solution. Smith serves Securus as the chief executive officer and president. He believes that the technology will assist the correction agencies in stopping the use of contraband cell phones. Richard said that the experts of the company are striving to ensure that more prisons can access and use the technology.


Various companies that are in the industry have been trying to develop a similar product. Their trials have been unsuccessful since they do not have the innovation, technology, and expertise. The technology that has been created by the competitors is mostly able to detect signals from the illegal mobile phone, but they cannot control their connection activities. Adopting this kind of products is a waste of time and resources since they cannot eliminate the security threats effectively. Installing the Wireless Containment Solution will ensure that inmates, witnesses, officers, families, and friends are all kept safe.


According to Richard, the WCS is advanced and flexible. Its capabilities include managing network access in controlled areas of a prison and allowing verified phones to access the network according to the regulations of the facility.