US Money Reserve’s Guest Speakers To DRTV’s Gold Summit

US Money Reserve has started to go beyond simply sales and short videos to now hosting live television events through Direct Response TV (DRTV) to address issues. The key issue facing many Americans today is how to invest in something that can endure through tough economic times, and gold and silver are two precious metals that have proven to do just that.

US Money Reserve sells both coins and bars in gold and silver currency, and three of its leaders in President Philip Diehl, numismatist John Rothans and former marketing Vice President Brad Castillo answered questions on investing directed to them by host Larry King. Michael Reagan also attended the summit to give a speech on his father’s take on gold and silver. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The US national debt has been steadily increasing for years now and at $19 trillion plus unfunded liabilities and other unaccounted for debt, things could grow dark very quickly. In the event that banks start charging account holders negative interest rates, it’s wise to start placing your money in hard assets such as gold and silver.

These precious metals cannot be subject to bank rates and have been in high demand for centuries. The risks in investing in these metals are that when markets become stable again, they can lose their value. But if you invest in gold and silver coins, they can usually be bought back when it’s time to return to paper currency.

Philip Diehl has been working with coins of all kinds for many years having been the US Mint Director from 1993 to 2001. Diehl turned the US Mint from simply a coinage facility into a highly profitable operation that built a highly interactive website and ecommerce platform.

During his time as Mint Director, Diehl started several minting programs including the “50 States Quarters,” and also was heard saying in an interview one time that the US Mint should discontinue the penny. Diehl has been working closely with gold coin specialists for many years and has looked to educate investors on their importance.

US Money Reserve decided to build a new website recently to give the company a more modern look and to give users of all kinds of devices a chance to view photos of inventory.

With new menus and easier access to information, the new site has driven in many new customers and generated more sales than ever. To find out which kind of precious metals are right for you or to look into transferring your IRA into them, visit