Goettl Expands Into Southern California Through Their Latest Acquisition

In June of 2017 Goettl Air Conditioning acquired Walton’s Heating and Air. Walton’s was a family-owned business which had offices in Southern California. The deal allowed Goettl to greatly expand its presence in Southern California. They already have offices servicing the areas of Tuscon, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Due to the financial backing of Goettl they will be able to expand the Watson brand far more widely than what the former owner of the company, Todd Longbrake, could have done.

When commenting on gofundme.com about the sale of his company, Longbrake said that he had expanded it as far as possible as a family-owned company. The company had grown stagnant due to this which is a problem that will be solved through the sale of his company to Goettl. He said that Goettl first started showing interest in buying his company in the early months of 2015 but at that time he hadn’t wanted to sell the business. Over time he heard positive things about both Goettl and its owner, Ken Goodrich, and eventually decided that it would be a good company to sell his beloved brand to. Since the two companies teamed up in the middle of 2015 the Walton’s brand has expanded more than 10 times over. Todd Longbrake is going to stay with the company after the sale as both a field supervisor and sales manager.

Even though the sale occurred two years ago it wasn’t announced until June 2017. The reason for this was because there were various marketing and operational issues which needed to be resolved first. The combined company now has 306 employees in all of its locations. They are planning to add another 200 employees in the near future with many of them in the company’s key markets of Phoenix and Tuscon. Ken Goodrich says that the ultimate goal is making his company a national brand. The next markets they plan to become a part of is Northern California and then they plan to enter Texas.

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