Shiny, Bouncy Hair by WEN

Wen by Chaz Dean has always been known for creating amazing products that are made from natural, healthy ingredients. The variety of formulas and fragrances offered on eBay in this line provide optimum hair results for many hair types and needs. Emily McClure’s overnight hair transformation, featured on Bustle, was the result of using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner on her fine hair.

This all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment saved Emily time in the morning while consistently giving her beautiful results. Since the Sephora endorsed product was comprised of everything she would need for perfect styling, Emily was free to have a simpler morning routine. The product suggested she use about 10 pumps of cleanser for her length and texture of hair. Emily was taken aback by this recommendation since she was accustomed to using a lesser amount of cleanser to achieve her natural look. With WEN by Chaz Dean, natural became supernatural!

Each morning for seven days, Emily tested out the thick cleansing conditioner on her fine strands. Like clockwork, the product revealed bouncy, weightless, healthy hair! On her Facebook, Emily admitted she was amazed by the results, after having admitted there were doubts the product could tame her hair. Besides, her hair was known to become greasy and unruly throughout the day and any curls she previously had in the morning would ultimately become flattened by the evening. WEN hair by Chaz Dean delivered incredible results day after day.