MB2 Dental Solutions Providing Business Solutions to Dentists

Out of Frustration, the MB2 Dental Solutions was founded. Dr. Chris Villanueva is the pioneer behind the success of the Firm. Just like any other dentist, Dr. Chris experienced challenges both in the sole and group practices, and that is what led to the idea of setting up the firm.

The primary goal of the Company was to provide business solutions to the dental practices so that the dentists can focus on providing care to their patients. MB2 Firm was founded with the mandate of providing positive characteristics while mitigating the negative ones.

The Company, launched in 2009 has grown tremendously having over 60 affiliated dental practices. Among the affiliated dental offices is the Bliss Dental. This practice is managed by Dr. Akhil Reddy and Dr. Chris Villanueva.

The company offers 100% of services to the dental offices with the help of the dental team. The different services offered include:

Human Resources: Human resources department is the backbone of any Company. According to Crunchbase, the MB2 Dental Solutions team will help cultivate an environment that promotes growth and employee wellness. The team provides different services including talent acquisition, payroll, labor relations, and compliance.

Training: having the best personnel is what guarantees the success of the dental practice. That is the reason why the firm offers training to the employees. They provide them with skills that will help the business to grow. The training is also open to the management as they are given information on how to run a successful company. The training is offered through the MB2 University.

Recruitment: the hiring team helps to seek out the talented employees. The team provides you with open minded employees.

Procurement: the firm’s procurement department has a vast network of dental supply partners. The department ensures that the affiliated offices have access to the important supplies. They have all the dental equipment needed to run a successful practice.

Marketing: the marketing team focuses on developing tailor-made marketing strategies to help your business grow. You will receive cost-effective strategies.

Accounting and Finance: The Finance department will help you carry out accounting procedures and systems. They will help in filing the tax returns and ensuring that the business in compliant. The compliant services usually include internal monitoring and audits.

The Firm conducts a complimentary Dental Practice assessment. The assessment is done at the request of the management. Once the assessment is concluded, they will give you a go ahead.