Betsy DeVos Fights for More Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos has become a leader when it comes to education reform, and I am excited to see what her plans are for the next four years. As the Secretary of Education Betsy definitely has her work cut out for her, but I believe she has the will power to influence many that are looking for a better education system. She is a fan of the charter schools, and she has been very interested in what school vouchers will be able to do for those that may not be able to afford private school.

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DeVos has been putting millions of dollars into education for years. This is long before she took on the role of the Secretary of Education. I think that this has prepared her for what she is planning to do in the next four years as the Secretary of Education. I think that her philanthropy shows that she is passionate about this even if she does not hold a position that is directly related to education. Betsy is a resident of Michigan, but she has clearly had her sights on building a better education system for the entire us.

Betsy Devos has been able to get a lot of people interested in what she is talking about because many people know that there is truth in her message. She wants education reform because she knows that the education system in America is broken. She has plans to fix this and I believe that this is why Donald Trump put her in the position of power that she currently is in.

I believe that a lot of schools are going to see an upgrade in the technology and the staff that is working in these schools. Getting more qualified teachers to actually teach the classes is going to play a big part in the education reform. I believe that Betsy DeVos is going to be adamant about seeing these changes.

I think that a lot of people are curious about what Betsy will do because they may not know her background. A lot of people know that she is wealthy, but I don’t believe that people are aware of how long Betsy DeVos has been fighting for education reform. I am certain that most people that have become her critics are not aware of the large amounts of money that she has given to the education system. She has been fighting for better education for decades, and I certainly believe that now she will have the platform to do exactly what she needs to do. I believe the more charter Schools will come into place because of Betsy DeVos, and I believe that this will be a good thing. Visit to know more about Betsy.

George Soros is at it one More Time

In recent political events, George Soros mounts a financial defense for the Democratic Party. This is seen as a comeback from dialing down his record-breaking contributions, set against George W. Bush. On the record with the Federal Elections Commission, his commitment is worth 25 million USD (United States Dollars). He provides this backing to Hillary Clinton and other members of her party for the causes they collectively believe in. Intriguingly, he is yet to actually attend a Democratic Party presidential nomination. His work and major current events happening around the globe keep him too busy for that particular tradition.

His decision to bankroll funds into the recent presidential election has two aspects to it. For one, he professionally and personally holds Hillary Clinton in high esteem. The other reason is that he does not like the way Donald Trump campaigns. According to Soros’ political adviser, it is not just Trump’s modus operandi that prompts his actions. There are attacks on social issues that he is passionate about which need to be halted. There is more to this giving than just the dollar amount and his motivation that deserves a word of note. The snowball effect, as in other major donors following his lead, is noteworthy as well.

There happen to be four other Democratic Party supporters who get in step with Soros for the election, during this cycle. Tom Steyer answers the call with 31 million USD, while Don Sussman contributes 13 million. Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner do all they can with 11 million in individual contributions. Without a doubt, each one of these contributions surely boosts the morale of democratic constituencies. These donations come without the whiff of foul play that somewhat plague the Trump campaign. As a result, their dollars outweigh the competition. That is the power of consensus. Learn more about George at Biography.

Besides the snowball effect, there are also strategic funds made available by Gorge Soros to a super PAC (Political Action Committee) called Priorities USA Action that supports Clinton. Moreover, he also gives money to a PAC named American Bridge 21st Century, which keeps a keen eye on the activities of Trump. Another PAC on his donation list is Immigrant Voters Win. There is another organization that connects Soros to Clinton, and it goes by the mane of Voting Rights Trust. Besides these major-player payouts, there are several 1 million USD funding transactions that come complements of George. It really does resemble his giving pattern against the Republican Party in years past.

However, this political rise is really nothing compared to his personal and professional development, which has its origins in Hungary. From there the road to power and affluence stops in London, with a final destination in New York. Even still, he is known as the man who broke the Bank of England. It is only natural that he should do the same for Republicans. Know more on about George Soros.

Hussain Sajwani And His Lovely Family Attend Donald Trumps Victory Celebation

Well before Donald Trump won the presidential election there were questions regarding conflicts of interest between Mr. Trump and the country. These questions have intensified since he has become President due to his worldwide interests.

Mr. Trump celebrated his victory on New Year’s Eve with 800 guests in Florida. He praised many business associates including those in Dubai and the company Damac Properties. Numerous observers stated his speech was designed to separate his official functions from his businesses.

Mr. Trump was seen looking for specific prominent individuals at the event including Hussain Sajwani and the Hussain Sajwani family. Hussain Sajwani is a business associate in Dubai and his company is called Damac properties. The Damac owner has a son, Abbas, who has had multiple social media posts of the families visit to florida. Mr. Trump commented what a beautiful family Hussain Sajwani has while they were at the victory celebration. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

Ken Gross is an expert in political law and believes Mr. Trump is using his largesse to enhance his relationships in business. He also stated Mr. Trump needs to disentangles his official functions from his businesses including his business dealings with Hussain Sajwani and Damac Properties.

Mr. Trump’s team says he did not discuss any business with Mr. Sajwani while they were in Florida. They spoke only on a social basis and there were no meetings, private exchanges or talk of business or Damac Properties.

Kellyanne Conway is one of the top advisors for Mr. Trump and felt he should be able to enjoy New Year’s Eve with friends, acquaintances and business partners. She also mentioned that while she was in Mar-A-Lago she had dinner with the Hussains and said they were lovely people. She believes if anything is taken to extreme no friendships would be left.

A news conference scheduled by Mr. Trump for December was cancelled. He was supposed to announce his plans to address the talk of a conflict of interest. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Mr. Trump has stated his announcement will be made prior to his inauguration. While he was speaking at Mar-A-Lago he seemed to feel this was not a large problem. He says it is quite simple and people are trying to turn the situation into a big deal.