Rodrigo Terpins: Struggling through the ranks

Early life

For a couple of years, Rodrigo Terpins was treated like any common rally driver. He was not famous for what he did since he never won any of the rallies in which he participated. Things did not work quite well for him for years. The unrelenting rally driver did not stop of failures but tries several more attempts as he waited for his debut. His struggles could not go unrewarded. Rodrigo tries registering for many competitions, but he came short of winning any of the titles.

Rodrigo Terpins’ debut

In 2006, Rodrigo Terpins won his first rally race. The rally was the 20th edition of the annual competition where Rodrigo and his brother Michael won the second and the third positions. The first win became a motivation for the lad. He continued in his pursuit as he saw an opportunity for growth in the rally series. The race attracted about 50 other competitors. The 50 men were to race in a distance of 26000 kilometers, and it would be Rodrigo’s turning point. The fact that the Terpins won this race became a motivation to them as they struggled to rise above the ranks. There were several other individuals who had the chance in the competition as they put up a good fight in the race. Check out to know more.

Rodrigo’s motivation for the future races

After winning the 20th edition of the competition series, Rodrigo was motivated to work harder in sharpening his driving skills to remain on top. His struggles again did not go unrewarded as he won in the 22nd series, the third and his winning streak continued. Rodrigo moved from the little-known rally driver to the famous man that he is today. His passion for the struggle and the unrelenting nature of his fight helped him to be among the best in the rally industry. When the history of rally driving is written again, Rodrigo Terpins would be considered a hero and an individual who played a huge role in the success of the game. Together with his brother, the two have been the talk of the country as they have made Brazil as a nation very proud of them. You can visit for more info.

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