Norman Pattiz Releases Invaluable Results on Podcast Advertising and Its Benefits

Norman Pattiz joined by Tom Webster announced the invaluable results of podcastadvertising on brand recall. Tom Webster is the assistant president of Edison Research. He was the team leader of the project as he oversaw the entire campaign research from the first week. The research study was a project on the benefits of using podcast for advertising a brand. This research was aimed at establishing the long-term effects of podcast advertising on a consumer’s intent to buy a product. In the research study, five prominent brands were used. It is believed that these brands are commonly used by Americans. According to the test, the following results were important to note:





After the advertisement, approximately over 60% of podcast candidates preferred a specific grocery brand.


  • Independent brand responsiveness marked a great improvement after the research. This was a 47% increase. The said financial services product marked a huge improvement.


  • On the other side, a car after market commodity garnered 37% increase on brand recall and preference while a grass garden product garnered 24% increase.


  • The other side of the test is the post research step where over one third of the podcast respondents aired positive remarks on a car aftermarket purchase. This was a positive response given that the initial count was 18%.


  • The post research indicated that 22% of the podcast candidates were almost convinced to use a certain garden product. This was a positive response too given that the initial figure was 16%.


  • For a car promotion, there was positive response following an aftermarket product. The preference rate was at 60%. Finally, a conventional dining restaurant gained prominence by garnering 76%.


Conclusive Findings


The research campaign conducted by Edison Research was split into three segments. The mechanism for conducting this research was standard for all brands. Throughout the test, Edison Research made conclusive decisions on the outcome. While some brands had good reputation and were famous, others needed more advertising to garner the retailing maximum profits. Some of these brands required a huge platform of podcast advertising for excellent performance in the market. Learn more:




Norman Pattiz is a talented career executive who founded PodcastOne. Since its foundation, the firm has garnered a huge client base following people’s preference. Pattiz ensured that in his reign until 2016 when he retired from PodcastOne, the company established excellent working rapports with other media houses. Under his leadership at the firm, PodcastOne won the hearts of many Americans by becoming a top notch news presenter for entertainment, sports in addition to traffic news. Learn more:

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