End Citizens United Wants Transparency In Political Spending

The world is scrawny and needs to be saved; we are living in a world where the errant triumphs. Our political system is horrendous, vexatious and full of debaucheries. Our political amphitheaters are run by the rich and billionaires continually use their extensive networks to manipulate elections and policies to their favor. As a result, the poor are left unrepresented, and their taxes are siphoned by the rich and corrupt leaders. Those who try to air their frustrations are label conspiracy theorists and they are arm twisted to change their stand. Ombudsmen are intimidated to turn a blind eye to the ever-roaring injustices. What’s more? Our media houses are paid off to air biased news that dwarfs real issues persistently.


In the year 2010, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision aimed at changing the American political tradition during electioneering periods. The decision was ill-informed as it provided a window allowing billionaires to influence America politics. This was tantamount to ceding political power to the billionaires at the expense of the people. However, this decision prompted a political action group by the name End Citizens United to spearhead efforts geared towards overhauling the current campaign financing system, and restore power back to the people.


This political action group has acknowledged the fact that special interest groups acting on behalf of corporate organizations have been working to subvert the will of the citizens. In this regard, they have joined forces with Democrats since they share a common objective. In that, they are seeking to bring about reforms on campaign financing. End Citizens United strives to bring transparency in the political spending and it has been making various Federal Elections Commission’s filings to push the agenda. The group provides a platform for grassroots supporters to donate for the greater good. Also, it enables them to voice their frustrations. Why do we support this political action group?



End Citizens United advocates for transparency and they certainly walk their talk. Their donations spending are always made public and are available for those who request for them. Also, the team at End Citizens United is well selected to ensure it is unbiased and there is no possible conflict of interests. Their team is passionate and it goes all-out to guarantee that the future generation finds a political system that has people’s interests at heart. Besides, all the group’s activities are made public including all their filing with the Federal Elections Commission.


Our children need a better future! We are tired of manipulative political systems and the time has come for us to claim our power. How do you support End Citizens United? You can show your support through donations or vigorous mobilization in the grassroots. The time has come to get the power back to the people!