For The Time Being, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is The Chairman And CEO Of Brazil’s Second-Largest Lender, Bradesco

Brazil’s Bradesco is considered royalty in the country’s financial sector: and with good reason. In addition to serving millions of people in the vast country, the bank has consistently produced some of the most complete banking executives in the country. One such executive is the long-serving chairman, Lazaro Brandao. The seven-decade veteran was until three weeks ago the longest-serving employee of the lender. Owing to old age, however, he decided to call an end to his illustrious banking career by submitting his resignation to the position of chairman.

In his place, the bank decided to appoint another legendary Brazilian executive, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. The bank’s president for the last nine years was seen as arguably the best fit to take over from Brandao as he has for the last four years served as his deputy on the board. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s appointment to the role has created an opportunity for the bank to usher another complete leader into the Brazilian financial sector. The new president will become only the bank’s fifth president in its more than seven-decade history. While this certainly seems like an intimidating role to feel, Bradesco has the talent that is more than equal to the task.

Until early next year, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will continue being the president at Bradesco. His continued stay in the position is due to the fact that a new president cannot be appointed until 30 days before the next annual general meeting, set for March 2018.


The decision will be made by the board will any biases, except for the fact that the candidate must come from within Bradesco. This fact has significantly narrowed down the pool of potential candidates being speculated by industry observers. Thus far, four of the bank’s current vice presidents are seen as being the strongest candidates (Octavio Lazari, Mauricio Minas, Josue Pancini and Alexander Gluher. Each of these four candidates have a legitimate claim to the position, with very little in terms of performance separating them.

Arguably, the most desired quality of the new president is that he/she is able to lead. While Bradesco has had four highly successful presidents, each of them has had their own unique way of leading. The same is expected of the new leader. He/she must know he wants to accomplish in the position and how he/she will go about attaining it. This is especially important owing to the fact that Bradesco will have to make a raft of pivotal changes if it is going to continue being profitable in Brazil’s challenging economic climate. Many of these decisions will not be easy. For instance, earlier this year, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to make the decision to scale back on some of the 5,500 branches has spread out across the country. Bradesco had invested significantly over the years to get such an extensive branch network, but the need to remain profitable required the bank to go against what it had built for so long. In many ways, having to make such decisions is what characterizes a bank president.

It should not also be overlooked that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been appointed thenew chairman of Bradesco. The trained sociologist has been with the bank for the last 48 and guided it through some of the toughest economic conditions in the last nine years. His presence on the board will calm the concerns of stakeholders even as the bank goes through an important succession process. He will also be expected to help the incoming president by providing him/her with level-headed advice and guidance.

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How the Business Leadership of Hussain Sajwani has led to the Success of DAMAC

There is no doubt that people got curious about Hussain Sajwani when President Trump mentioned him as a business associate during the state dinner following his election. Everyone wanted to understand who this Emirati businessman was, and what his involvement with the Trump’s was. Sajwani is the owner and CEO of the DAMAC Group, a real estate development company which is based in the UAE. He established the company in 2002 and had been growing its investment portfolio for the past close to two decades. Learn more:


The DAMAC owner graduated from the Washington State University with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering His first job was with GASCO, which is a subsidiary of the company Abu Dhabi Oil Company. The experience that he got during his employment there is what helped him become the successful business owner that he is today. There are a number of other businesses that he has established during his investment career. These include a catering business whose primary client was the US Military. There was also a time when he had a demolition business.


The Hussain Sajwani Family is the one that oversaw the construction of the latest golf resort owned by the Trumps in the UAE. Trumps son and son-in-law attended the grand opening of the resort, mainly because as president, he is not allowed to take care of his businesses. The company has created more than 45,000 units of real estate property during the time that they have been in operation. They have managed to establish their presence in some cities in the Middle East, including Jeddah, Riyadh, and Beirut and are also making in-roads to London in the UK. The company specializes in Luxury real estate property. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani is also a great philanthropist. There was a time when he was involved with the Red Cross in a drive which was aimed at providing water and clothes for needy people around Abu Dhabi. He has also contributed to charitable causes in Lebanon and other countries. Hussain’s business leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed are an inspiration to many business people and those thinking about investing.

Migrants right groups- Defending the rights of migrants

The United States has been for the longest time now been battling the problem of immigration. Thousands of migrants attempt to enter the United States every year especially through the southern border with Mexico. Most of these immigrants are coming to the United States in search of better employment opportunities.

The United States government have heightened security along the border to try and counteract this problem. In its efforts to curb immigration there have been numerous cases of wanton violation of human rights. Hundreds of migrants have found themselves on the cruel arm of the government.

They are put into concentration camps for years with no access to basic human needs such as clothing, healthy food, and water. These concentration camps, also dentition camps have been torture chamber for people whose only mistake was to look for job opportunities in another country.

Although the law does not support illegal immigration, it is not also right for the government to deny victims of immigration detention the basic human rights. There are better ways to deal with the problem rather than treating everyone as a criminal. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

It for these reasons that there are people who have come together to form organizations that defend the rights of these immigrants, most of them who are poor and desperate to make it in life, by standing up against any cases of discrimination by the government.

These organizations usually come under the banner of human rights groups, civil rights groups, and migrant’s rights. Here are a few organizations that are playing a crucial role in ensuring that the rights of the people remain intact and no one uses power to discriminate others.

The Arizona Dream Act Coalition

This is one organization which has been vocal against violation of human rights in the state of Arizona.

The Arizona Dream Act Coalition was created by undocumented students living in the states after the government effected laws that were meant to discriminate students who were undocumented.

The government wanted them made to pay huge tuition fee than their counter who were documented. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The students were also denied the right to receive publicly funded scholarships. The students decide that they would not stay in the shadows and see them discriminated by the government. They decided that they would come out and tell the world about their undocumented status.

The group managed to have the government’s attention which recommended that the laws be changed. The group did not stop its activities then. They continued to champion for other issues that were affecting the undocumented students in the state.

The group currently deals with campaigns aimed at having equal rights for education, subsidized tuition fees and standing up for the rights of migrants in the state of Arizona.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is an organization formed by two journalists from Phoenix, Arizona. They were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They were famous journalists in Arizona, for their work through Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

The money they used to start the organization from a court case settlement. They use the fund to finance the operations of various rights groups in the country.

Developed Investing Techniques with Igor Cornelsen

Through following the starting stages of investing one can be able led to better success a lot. By both foreign exchange and commodities in investing one can accomplish many things. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

As long a person wants to start investing needs a better strategy investment plan. Investing also makes people who are retiring successfully because of the cash in which they had invested therefore improving people lives. Investing wants adequate knowledge in order to create better decision hence having the money one needs to invest in.

Igor Cornelsen is a well-recognized investment banker who currently has retired. He major in providing guidance on investing matters to beginning investors and also to businesses.

He is situated in Brazil. He has operated with huge banking organization such as Bainbridge Inv Inc where he worked as a proprietor. He is a specialist who provides help through his working expertise and experience for many years.

Generating extensive intelligent savings is the best skill that helps people through guiding them to do mostly on the haphazard stock market.

Bloomberg has it that Igor Cornelsen founded Bainbridge to start teaching entrepreneurs on the value of business, creating a better image and dealing with difficulties in the business industry which may occur.

The organization was begun also to provide full knowledge and distinctive counseling on new investors in order for them to be completely prepared to begin investing. Also they direct them on how to start better plans that last for long.

Igor Cornelsen uses his experience and expertise as a business professional  investor to direct various companies in the US to target high mostly in investment.

Due to their common low charges in the capital and starting creating a little risk in investment is the vital counseling he offers to investors so that they gather their money all over the world.

Mostly the vital key is to watch your money carefully so that you can use it on investing carefully.

Achieve Peace of Mind with USHEALTH Group Insurance

Living without insurance cover exposes you to a lot of uncertainty and financial burden. You need a partner that can relieve the weight of expensive health care so that you work without worrying about your future and secures your future streams of income. Finding an insurance company that meets your needs within your budget can be challenging.

USHEALTH group provides unique products that are personalized to meet various insurance needs. The Texas-based group of companies offers health, life, accident, and dental covers to individuals, self-employed, business owners, and institutions. Learn more about USHEALTH Group:

The primary objective of the USHEALTH Group is to ensure protection for their clients against financial risks and hardships associated with unpredictable illnesses or injuries. To this end, USHEALTH group focuses on creating a leading insurance brand in America and purposes to deliver unmatched and excellent service and value to all.

Crunchbase revealed that USHEALTH Group products are innovative, affordable, reliable, and flexible. Over the last 50 years, USHEALTH advisors have prioritized serving and helping others daily. They have a network of agents and over 2000 advisors available to cater for all your needs.

You can sign up for the base plan that allows you to pay lower level coverage. As your needs and incomes increase, you can upgrade to another plan without additional underwriting. The PremierChoice has no yearly deductibles. You are entitled to first dollar benefits under the scheme’s accident and specified sicknesses cover. There are no network restrictions as the company allows you to visit a doctor you prefer. To find the nearest PPO networks you can visit the USHEALTH group website.

You also will receive extra benefits including riders that offer extra protection. USHEALTH allows you to tie up your rates for up to 15 months. With USHEALTH’s SecureAdvantage Difference you can choose the deductibles that are within your budget and meet your requirements and lock your rates for between 12 to 36 months.

The USHEALTH MedGuard enables you to protect yourself against critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart attack. The 5-year cover also has a Death benefit and fills the gap between health and life insurance. USHEALTH has a plan for all regardless of your income, intention and current situation.

Rodrigo Terpins: Struggling through the ranks

Early life

For a couple of years, Rodrigo Terpins was treated like any common rally driver. He was not famous for what he did since he never won any of the rallies in which he participated. Things did not work quite well for him for years. The unrelenting rally driver did not stop of failures but tries several more attempts as he waited for his debut. His struggles could not go unrewarded. Rodrigo tries registering for many competitions, but he came short of winning any of the titles.

Rodrigo Terpins’ debut

In 2006, Rodrigo Terpins won his first rally race. The rally was the 20th edition of the annual competition where Rodrigo and his brother Michael won the second and the third positions. The first win became a motivation for the lad. He continued in his pursuit as he saw an opportunity for growth in the rally series. The race attracted about 50 other competitors. The 50 men were to race in a distance of 26000 kilometers, and it would be Rodrigo’s turning point. The fact that the Terpins won this race became a motivation to them as they struggled to rise above the ranks. There were several other individuals who had the chance in the competition as they put up a good fight in the race. Check out to know more.

Rodrigo’s motivation for the future races

After winning the 20th edition of the competition series, Rodrigo was motivated to work harder in sharpening his driving skills to remain on top. His struggles again did not go unrewarded as he won in the 22nd series, the third and his winning streak continued. Rodrigo moved from the little-known rally driver to the famous man that he is today. His passion for the struggle and the unrelenting nature of his fight helped him to be among the best in the rally industry. When the history of rally driving is written again, Rodrigo Terpins would be considered a hero and an individual who played a huge role in the success of the game. Together with his brother, the two have been the talk of the country as they have made Brazil as a nation very proud of them. You can visit for more info.

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Retired Professor Donates $1 Million to Orange Coast College Planetarium Construction Project

The planetarium project at Orange Coast College recently received a significant donation from a retired instructor. Retired professor Mary McChesney has given the college $1 million, which will be used to construct a device demonstrating the Earth’s rotation called a Foucault pendulum. Once the project is completed, this will make the Orange Coast College Planetarium the only one in Orange County with such an advanced device.


McChesney is now 91 years old and taught English and Spanish at the college for more than 33 years at the college before retiring in 1983. In a media statement about her gift, she went into more details about why she made such a generous donation to Orange Coast College’s planetarium project. McChesney says her motivation behind the gift was to honor her late partner, Adelyn Bonin, who passed away in January. Bonin was also a professor at the college, where she taught German before she also retired in 1983.


Once construction of the planetarium is finished in 2018, it will be one of the biggest in the area, with an auditorium seating up to 129 people. The community college used to have a small planetarium with a seating capacity of 35. The building was torn down to make space for the new project. The new planetarium will serve not only students at the college, but also the local community, helping K-12 students learn more about astronomy.


According to officials at Orange Coast College, a budget of $20 million has been allocated towards the project, with most of the funding being provided by a bond measure dating back to 2012. Private donations amounted to just over $2.6 million, which includes McChesney’s $1 million gift.


Orange Coast College is a community college located in Costa Mesa, California. It was founded in 1947, with the first classes opening up in 1948. Since then, the college has grown considerably and now has an enrollment of 25,000, the majority of them coming from California. Orange Coast College provides numerous educational programs, including two-year associate degrees and continuing education programs awarding diplomas or certificates. Many notable people are graduates of the college, including politicians, entertainers, professional athletes, business leaders and journalists.


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Larkin and Lacey Use Frontera Fund to Help

Larkin and Lacey have done a lot in their careers. They have worked together as partners working toward equality for different people and that is a big part of the business that they are a part of. Since they are activists, they know a lot about what they can do to help people and they have come a long way in the help that they are able to provide.

Since they know so much about the things that they are able to do, they feel confident that they can continue helping people with all of the things that they are able to do. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Out of all of the things that Larkin and Lacey have done in their career, starting the Frontera Fund was one of the most influential. It is something that they are now running on their own and they do not have to deal with the issues that are from different sources.

Since Larkin and Lacey knew what they wanted to do, they remained committed and they tried to help as many people as possible so that they could grow their human rights reach and help more people than what they did in the past.

Since Larkin and Lacey are activists, they know what they can do to help people. They also know that the right way to provide help is through human rights and through standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves.

They have learned a lot about the issues that come from being a minority and they do their best to be able to fight all of these so that they can help more people in the situations that they have become a major part of in their own lives and with others who are in different situations.

From the Frontera Fund, Larkin and Lacey have learned the right way to provide their help to more people. They try their best to show others what they can do and the things that they can get out of the situations that they are working in.

They also do their best to make things easier on people who are fighting for all of their rights in the situations that they are in. It is what has made the men true activists and has shown them what they can do to help other people out.

As things have gotten better for both Larkin and Lacey, they have been showing more people what they can do to make things easier on themselves.

They want to support all of the help that they can and they want to show other people that they will have a chance to experience more out of the different opportunities that they have. It is something that has shown both Larkin and Lacey the chance and opportunities that they need.

The men know how to help people and they do their best to give everyone who they come across the help that they deserve to have a better life no matter what their background is.

The Music Expedition of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi, a senior financial executive from Brazil, is known for his early music career in the late 1980s and early 90s. It was during his college days and early years of financial career. During the period, Audi collaborated with a Brazilian high metal band, Viper, as its founding member and drummer. A number of albums and singles have been released by the band, and most of them became popular in the charts of Brazil. The band was formed in the year 1985, and it created a new wave in British heavy metal genre. Its first studio album released in 1987 named Soldiers of Sunrise. It sounded more like an Iron Maiden-type album, and it became an instant hit in the country.

Two years later, the band came up with another studio album named Theatre of Fate. It had greater influence of classical music and displayed mature songwriting compared to the first album. In 1992, the band came up their third album named Evolution that featured hard rock style influenced by classical music. In the later years, they completed three more studio albums. Interestingly, the band also did six other albums, including two live albums, two demos, one compilation, and one extended play. The band also did a documentary named “20 Years Living for the Night” in 2005. Click here to know more.

When Audi became busy with his financial career, he stepped away from the band as a regular performer. However, he associates with the band whenever possible and displays his drum skills. In April 2016, he joined with other founding members of Viper and entertained a large audience as part of the Viper Day celebration. Interestingly, the band was performing the songs from their first studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise. Audi has more than two decades of experience in the Brazilian financial sector, and he served a number firms including international banks, investment firms, real estate developers, and more.


Helping Give Idealists A Voice – Avaaz

When it comes to social issues that have been growing over the last couple of decades, one might have to consider some outlets that will help fight for the right side. This implies standing up against animal cruelty, fighting for the global warming cause, or even helping people whose human rights might have been violated. One such outlet is a civic organization called Avaaz.

Formed back in 2007, Avaaz in a U.S.-based organization that deals with all those issues mentioned above as well as corruption, poverty, and various forms of conflict. They are currently active around the world, and one can read dozens of stories from their members who shared it on the website of Avaaz. They also utilize their website to share interesting highlights on some current topics.

The name of the organization stands for “voice” in multiple European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages. Their impact is further amplified by the fact that they operate in 17 different languages, utilizing a lot of volunteer action. The director of Avaaz, Ricken Patel, pushes the idea of non-ideology operation, where their main objective is to bridge the gap between the world that is today and the world that everyone wants to live in.

Most importantly, the company has a long portfolio of participating in globally known events. They took part in the civil uprising prior to Syrian Civil War where they donated $1.5 million to various elements of the protest. They also supported establishing the no-fly zone over Libya, and campaigned against President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, where they created a software that helped voters from overseas cast their vote.

Avaaz is an organization that allows anybody with an idealist mind to voice their opinions, and pursue any social justice that they hold important. This is why it has grown to millions of members across 6 continents!